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CPT Law Difficult Questions

 In this Webinar Bharat has taken below questions submitted by students. 

  1. Difference between Civil, Criminal & Mercantile Law
  2. When does the property in goods transfer from seller to buyer ?
  3. What is Void and Voidable?still i have many confusions after many readings about that.also please explain about the performance of contracts?, sir please.
  4. Difference between right of lien and right of stoppage in transit
  5. Difference between Act 'act is exclusive' 'act is inclusive'
  6. how to study law ? guide me da best tip 2 clear my law subject for cpt exam
  7. Contingent Contract & Performance of contract
  8. Difference between maintenance and champerty
  9. Performance and Discharge of a contract
  10. Difference between discharge of contract and breach of contract
  11. Cross offer is____(a)valid (b)invalid
  12. Consideration must move at the desire of____ (a)promisor (b)promisee (c)third person (d)all the above
  13. Which is true?(a)All agreements are contracts (b)All contracts are agreements
  14. Is physical delivery of goods essential in sale of goods act?
  15. In case of legal agreement collateral agreements are void or valid?
  16. Is remembering Sections and case laws compulsory?
  17. Acceptance must be communicated and acceptance may be implied as well. Arent these sentences contradictory?
  18. Doesnt betting depend on contingency? If yes, then why is it not a contingent contract?
  19. Can explain past consideration with examples?
  20. What is intention to create a legal relationship?
  21. How are offer & Invitation to offer different?
  22. What is anticipatory breach?
  23. when a partner deals with immovable property, it is within ________ authority of firm? (express/implied/emergency)
  24. Stranger to contract vs Stranger to consideration
  25. In an auction sale the auctioneer hits the hammer on the table, a vase which was the subject matter falls and breaks. who should bear the risk?
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