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  • Online Pre-recorded video course
  • Access till you pass
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  • Workbook
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  • Queries - Whatsapp Group, Webinars.
  • 150 hrs of video course
  • Question Bank, Mock Tests

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Course key details
Format - recorded
Support - WhatsApp group & online session
Part 1 - 90 hrs
Part 2 - 55 hrs
Validity - till you pass
Last updated - Mar 2021
Refunds - 30 days Money back
Materials Provided - PDF Books and Hock International

Simplified Videos

Our online us cma course follows a "zero-based approach".

It starts with basic concepts and subsequent builds on higher topics. This is done because learners who take US CMA exam are taking up exam after a long time. Hence, we built on the basic foundation first and then carry you forward, one step at a time. That way you need not refer your old books. The zero-based approach is our strength, and I am sure you will find this immensely helpful. We tried to make it simple enough for even someone who is not for the accounting background can pick up the fundamentals and follow along. I hope we have succeeded in doing that.

 Our Fees and IMA Fees

US CMA  course fees ( Videos + Whatsapp Support + Exam registration Support + Question bank + Mock Test )
US CMA Part 1 - 15,000 INR
US CMA Part 2 - 15,000 INR
Both Parts - 25,000 INR

We are an official partner to the HOCK Hock Books are charged separately.

IMA Fees Structure

Part 1 Exam Fees28000 INR (415 USD)
Part 2 Exam Fees28000 INR (415 USD)
Entrance Fees18000 INR (250 USD)
Membership Fees17000 INR (245 USD)

Note - IMA runs promotions from time to time and your IMA Fees can be reduced by 50%.


Comparison between US CMA, Indian CMA, CIMA

 Approx Cost (INR) 90K - 100K 90K 180K - 200K
 Duration 6 months 3 - 4 years 3 - 4 years
 Exam pattern Online - Test centers Physical Online - Test centers
 Exam Questions MCQ and 2 theory questions Practical solving and theory questions Objective questions
 Total Papers 2 20 16
 Recognition Globally India UK and Commonwealth countries
 Exam conducted by IMA ICAI (Formally ICWAI) CIMA, UK


CMA's are required in all areas of the business world (few are listed below):

  • Factory Accounts Head
  • Business Intelligence and Analyst
  • Auditing
  • MIS Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Monitoring Performance Metrics and Evaluation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Finance (Share & Debt Issues, IPO)

Frequently asked questions on IMA US CMA 

Q - Who should do a US CMA course?
A - If you are a Bcom graduate with working experience of above three years, this course is for you as it is academically less heavy with MCQ based online exams.

You can get a global degree within 6 months which will help you to grow in your organization.

Q - In which countries is US CMA recognized?
A - The CMA designation is recognized in countries of North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Q - Which is more beneficial between the US CMA or US CFA?
A - It depends upon the domain in which you are working.
If you are in accounting or finance domain, then US CMA is a right course.
If you are in the banking industry and equity markets, then CFA has the edge over CMA.

Q - Is it worth doing US CMA?
A - Almost all US-based companies prefer US CMA over other local qualifications.
If you aim to work with US-based companies situated in your country, then US CMA is for you.
Also, it's a short course with a high pass percentage of around 35 to 40 %.

Q - How will US CMA benefit my career?
A - A fresh graduate with US CMA Qualification has an edge in the market as compared to a typical Bcom graduate.
US CMA will open doors for both working in top MNC's & new roles which are usually not offered to plain BCom graduates.

Q -Is US CMA hard for students?
A - US CMA is easier compared to Indian CMA/CA.
It is academically not very hard which have MCQ based exams.
It requires 150 hrs of study time
If you practice MCQs and have clear concepts you can surely clear your exams.

Q -What is the eligibility for US CMA?
A - The candidate should have a Bachelor's degree earned professional certification from a recognized college/ university/Institute and work experience of at least two years in accounting or finance.

Q - What are the requirements to get final certification?
A - Membership in the Institute of Management Accountants; Passing scores of all required examination parts, and 2 years of Experience

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US CMA Learner's Voice!

Online Classed are very good and presented in simple way in manner in which students can graps easily
12 Sep, 2020
US CMA course from Meraskill has helped me to clear both parts in the first attempt. It's been four years, I have left my books & academics. The video course helped me to revise my fundament...
20 Aug, 2020
Shivani Kothari
Greetings All, Just finished my test today. It was good. Managed to attend all questions and Essays. I would like to thank everyone for their support and help. It wouldn't be easier unle...
10 Aug, 2020
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