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US CMA Exam by IMA 

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Our course offering

  • Online Pre-recorded video course
  • Access till you pass
  • Unlimited video viewing
  • Workbook
  • Android App ( offline save option)
  • Queries - Whatsapp Group, Webinars.
  • 200 hrs of video course
  • Question Bank, Flashcards, Study Plan, Mock Tests, TextBooks

 Our Fees and IMA Fees

US CMA Video-based training course + CMA Workbook
US CMA Part 1 - 15,000 INR
US CMA Part 2 - 15,000 INR
Both Parts - 25,000 INR

Question Bank, Flashcards, Study Plan, Mock Tests, TextBooks at 90$ (Per part).

IMA Fees Structure

Part 1 Exam Fees28000 INR (415 USD)
Part 2 Exam Fees28000 INR (415 USD)
Entrance Fees18000 INR (250 USD)
Membership Fees17000 INR (245 USD)

Note - IMA runs promotions from time to time and your IMA Fees can be reduced by 50%.

Comparison between US CMA, Indian CMA, CIMA

 Approx Cost (INR) 90K - 100K 90K 180K - 200K
 Duration 6 months 3 - 4 years 3 - 4 years
 Exam pattern Online - Test centers Physical Online - Test centers
 Exam Questions MCQ and 2 theory questions Practical solving and theory questions Objective questions
 Total Papers 2 20 16
 Recognition Globally India UK and Commonwealth countries
 Exam conducted by IMA ICAI (Formally ICWAI) CIMA, UK


CMA's are required in all areas of the business world (few are listed below):

  • Factory Accounts Head
  • Business Intelligence and Analyst
  • Auditing
  • MIS Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Monitoring Performance Metrics and Evaluation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Finance (Share & Debt Issues, IPO)

Frequently asked questions on IMA US CMA 

Q - Who should do a US CMA course?
A - If you are a Bcom graduate with working experience of above three years, this course is for you as it is academically less heavy with MCQ based online exams.

You can get a global degree within 6 months which will help you to grow in your organization.

Q - In which countries is US CMA recognized?
A - The CMA designation is recognized in countries of North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Q - Which is more beneficial between the US CMA or US CFA?
A - It depends upon the domain in which you are working.
If you are in accounting or finance domain, then US CMA is a right course.
If you are in the banking industry and equity markets, then CFA has the edge over CMA.

Q - Is it worth doing US CMA?
A - Almost all US-based companies prefer US CMA over other local qualifications.
If you aim to work with US-based companies situated in your country, then US CMA is for you.
Also, it's a short course with a high pass percentage of around 35 to 40 %.

Q - How will US CMA benefit my career?
A - A fresh graduate with US CMA Qualification has an edge in the market as compared to a typical Bcom graduate.
US CMA will open doors for both working in top MNC's & new roles which are usually not offered to plain BCom graduates.

Q -Is US CMA hard for students?
A - US CMA is easier compared to Indian CMA/CA.
It is academically not very hard which have MCQ based exams.
It requires 150 hrs of study time
If you practice MCQs and have clear concepts you can surely clear your exams.

Q -What is the eligibility for US CMA?
A - The candidate should have a Bachelor's degree earned professional certification from a recognized college/ university/Institute and work experience of at least two years in accounting or finance.

Q - What are the requirements to get final certification?
A - Membership in the Institute of Management Accountants; Passing scores of all required examination parts, and 2 years of Experience

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