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  • We have been student ourselves and our endeavor has always been to create content which is simple and effective.
    However in case we have fallen short in that benchmark we will happily refund the money. All our product comes with 7 days money back guarantee. Our Refund policy is as simple as it can be.
  • If you are unhappy for some reason with the content , we will provide you full refund.
  • Before we create content we take utmost care to see that  the end product is simple and effective. That's why we can afford to back our product with this special guarantee.
  • To get a refund , simply fill the below form  within 7 days of your purchase .
  • Refund will be processed within 21 days from date of request.

To request a refund,fill the below form :




  • Include Transaction details made during the purchase. This will help us in tracking the purchases and will help us in expediting the refund process.
  • In case you are unhappy with our work , do let us know why you did not like our work.

 We take Customer feedback seriously and use it constantly to improve our product & quality of service.

Note- The refund policy applies to all courses EXCEPT Diploma in IFRS course. For Diploma in IFRS no refund is provided.


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