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Using Free Video course to Learn, use below resources to increase your understanding:

Workbook – We call it a workbook because we expect students to scribble on that. While you are watching the video, write down our own points, working, doubt etc, use highlighter, marker etc . Note down everything you would like to highlight or remember.After you have gone through the video, refer the workbook for future reference and revision. One day before examination this workbook is all you will need to revise. This will be a very handy resource for you .


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Accounts Workbook  : Get Now

CPT Accounts Notes

Law Workbook  Get Now


CPT Law Book

 Micro Economics Workbook  Get Now


Micro Economics Notes

Macro Economics Workbook  Get Now


CPT Macro Economics Notes

Maths Workbook  Get Now


CPT Maths Notes

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