CA CPT Syllabus

CA CPT is 1st level exam in the series of 3 levels before you become a qualified Chartered Accountants.

Level 1 – CA CPT also called CA Foundation ( Past CPT result trend and how to register)

Level2- IPCC also called CA Inter

Level3- CA Final

This article deals with CA CPT

It has four subjects

  1. Accounts  - CA is expected to be a master of accounts, hence objective of this subject is to ensure students get  good fundamentals knowledge of accounting.
  2. Law – CA during his practice or in job has to deals in many laws either –income tax, factory laws etc. hence the objective of this  chapter is to familiarize students with  the building blocks of law. Legal language and legal terms are to be mastered.
  3. Economics-  This chapter help you understand various forces which works in an economy both at micro level and at county or macro level.  Economics factors effects all business and has enormous impact on business , hence knowledge gained here help one immensely through out his career.
  4. QA (Maths & Statistics)- CA’s are expected to deal with numbers all the time. They have to interact with Other Professionals like Engineers, Statistician etc.  hence the basic concepts of maths and statistics needs to be understood which equip them to understand many complex subjects which they may encounter during such interaction.

Subject wise chapters are as below :


Sl NoAccounts
1Acts Intro Unit1-5
2Journal- Cash Book
3Cont- ROE
7Final A/c
11Sales Return
12Partnership Introduction,PSR and Goodwill
13Partnership Admission, Retirement and Death
14Company Accounts Introduction & Reissue
15Company Account Redemption of Preference Share & Issue of Debentures

CPT Exam Marks distribution accounts



Sl NoLaw
1Nature of Contract
3Other Essential Elements of a Valid Contract
4Performance of Contract
5Breach of Contract
6Contingent and Quasi Contract
7Formation of Contract of Sale
8Conditions and Warranties
9Transfer of ownership and Delivery
10Unpaid Seller
11General Nature of Partnership
12Relation of Partners
13Registration & Dissolution of a Firm

CPT Exam Marks distribution Law


Sl NoEconomics
1Introduction to Micro Economics
2Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand
3Theory of Consumer Behaviour
5Theory of Production
6Theory of Cost
7Meaning and types of Market
8Price determination in these markets.
9Nature of the Indian Economy
10Role of different sectors
11National Income of India
12Basic understanding of tax system of India
16Infrastructure Challanges
18Budget and Fiscal deficits
19Balance of payments
20External debts.
21Economic reforms since 1991
22Liberalisation, Privatisation and Disinvestment
24Money – Meaning and functions
25Commercial Banks – Role and functions
26Reserve Bank of India – Role and functions, Monetary policy.

CPT Exam Marks distribution Economics


Sl NoMaths
1Ratio and Proportion
2Indices and Logarithm
5Simple and Compound interest including Annuity Applications
6Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations
7Sequence and Series Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
8Sets Functions and Relations
9Limits and Continuity Intuitive Approach
10Basic Concepts of Differential 
11Integral Calculus
12Statistical Description of Data
13Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
14Correlation and Regression
15Probability and Expected Value by Mathematical Expectations
16Theoretical Distributions
17Sampling Theory
18Index Numbers

CPT Exam Marks distribution Quantitative Aptitude

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