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Transfer of Ownership & DeliveryDuration (min:sec)
Transfer of Ownership 
Importance of Ownership09:03
3 Stages of Sales08:27
Property of Goods06:22
Transfer of Property of Goods30:33
Appropriation of Goods08:17
Goods Sent on Approval basis10:00
Summary Passing of Property02:26
Passing of Risk04:46
Sale by Non Owner 
Namo dat Quod Non Habet04:53
Exception Namo dat Quod Non Habet31:01
Summary Namo dat Quod Non Habet01:35
Rules of Delivery16:28
Acceptance & Non acceptance of Delivery03:39
Summary Delivery of Goods00:25



Importance of Ownership
Passing of Property
Passing of Risk
Sale by Non Owner
Delivery of Goods

Importance of Ownership

Seller can claim Price
Action against Third Party
Insolvency of Buyer

Sale three stages

1. Passing of Property i.e Ownership
2. Passing the Risk
3. Transfer of Possession
Transfer of Ownership vs Mere Physical transfer


i. Selection of goods
ii. Sample, Description
iii. Deliverable state
iv. Consent by buyer or seller- express or implied
v. Sellers delivers without reserving the right to disposal - Unconditional

Conditional Appropriation

Expressed (mentioned in the contract)
Seller reserves the right to disposal
Ownership still with Seller

Goods Sent on Approval Basis

Property passes to the buyer
i. When he gives consent
ii. Time
When specified - If time passes
When not specified- After reasonable time
iii. When he does some act, showing acceptance

Passing of Risk

Risk means the liability to bear the loss.
Rule-Risk follows Ownership.
i. Agreement to contrary
ii. Delay Delivery - Party at fault

Sale by Non owner

1.Sale by a Mercantile Agent
2.Sale by one of the Joint Owner
3.Sale by person under a voidable contract
4.Sale by seller in possession after sale
5.Sale by buyer in possession before transfer of ownership
6.Effect of Estoppel
7.Sale by an Unpaid seller
8.Sale under the prov of other Act

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