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Simple Equations 
What is Equation03:49
Types of Equation04:49
Roots of Equation02:09
How to Solve Simple Equation02:48
Problems on Simple Equation23:53
Word Problem 1 on Simple Equation16:07
Word Problem 2 on Simple Equation20:58
Simultaneous Equation (2 variables) 
How to Solve 2 Variable Problems09:35
Problem with 2 Variables17:42
Word Problems with 2 Variables33:15
Simultaneous Equation (3 variables) 
How to Solve 3 Variable Problems03:22
Problems on 3 Variable Problems15:53
Quadratic Equation 
What is QE06:11
Roots of QE03:12
Types of Number17:08
Nature of Roots07:55
Common Formulae04:33
Problems on Nature of Roots16:24
Forming Equations from roots05:20
Problems on Roots41:37
Solving QE31:55
Word Problem in QE34:30
Cubic Equation 
How to Solve Cubic Equation08:13
Problems on Cubic Equation08:47
Equations and Coordinate Geometry 
Basics of CG04:35
Problems on Basics of CG07:27
Intercept Form03:23
Slope of a Line02:40
Slope Intercept form03:29
Point Slope Form02:21
Equation of a line passing through two given points02:32
Finding Slope and Y Intercept form01:36
Slopes -Parallel & Perpendicular line02:42
Problem on Slopes15:02
Concurrent Line and Centroid03:04
Problem on Centroid02:08
Collinear Lines04:04
Distance between 2 given points01:47
Perpendicular distance of a point02:01
Problem on distance07:09
External Internal04:13
Area of a Triangle05:00
Graphical Solution02:53


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