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Most of you are using our Free Video & Free Quiz for your preparation. We are starting Weekly Sure session. Book Now

Weekly Sure session

How it works
Expert will make a weekly study plan, you learn through our free video, take the free quiz of the topic of that week. As a group, expert and student come online, say on every Friday 7 pm for accounts and discuss what mistake the group has made, resolve doubt if any and expert has an advance discussion on that topic. You come to know where you are going wrong at the end of each week. You are sure about your progress.  Sure it will help you immensely, come lets start

1. For Whom- Those who are not going to classes for coming CPT Exam or are not satisfied with their class preparation.
2. What we will do - There will be a study plan made my expert. You prepare through our free video course & take the quiz. Quiz mistakes, chapters discussion and query solving at the end of each week. This will make "Sure" you have mastered each chapter.
3. It will be online live discussion.
4. If you have missed the Sure session, it will be saved under your account. You can see them later.
5. Requirement - An internet connection for discussion - from mobile & computer

6. How it will help:
a. Complete the course on time
b. Your weakness or where you are going wrong will get addressed in the Weekly Sure sessions.
c. You will be sure that you have mastered the topic.
d. You come to know where you are going wrong at the end of each week. Instead of waiting for results to tell you.
e. You Learn from others mistakes.


What are the charges:
Sure Sessions, 50% to be paid now. 2 Sessions Window, 100% refund if you are not satisfied, ask the refund within 2 sessions. Balance to be paid after 2 sessions.

50 % to be paid now
5.Only Maths-Rs1000

Total Fees as follows
5.Only Maths-Rs2000

If Quizzes are not done, Experts may reject you from the class. We deduct 20% of the Sure session fees and expel you.