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New CA Foundation Course

CA CPT has become CA Foundation now. The entire CA course has gone back to earlier nomenclature Foundation,Intermediate and Final.

Foundation Course has following 4 Papers 

Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting (100 marks)


Paper 2: Business mathematics & Logical Reasoning & Statistics (100 marks) - MCQ Format

Part1 - Business mathematics & Logical Reasoning (60 marks)

Part2- Statistics (40 marks)

Paper 3: Mercantile Laws & General English  (100 marks)

Part1 - Mercantile Laws (60 marks)

Part2- General English (40 marks)

Paper 4: Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge (100 marks)- MCQ Format

Part1 - Business Economics (60 marks)

Part2- Business and Commercial Knowledge (40 marks)


Notes :

1.Passing Percentage Aggregate 50% and Subject wise 40%

2.MCQ Question of 1 Mark each

3.Exams in the month of November and May after passing Class XII

CA Institute is yet to declare from when New CA Foundation will replace CA CPT. As and when they announce we will update this section. 

Announcements made by CA Institute in this regard are as below :

CA New Syllabus

CA Foundation