CA foundation Law Nature of contract

The free CA Foundation Law video on Nature of contract cover following topics:

Introduction to CA-CPT Law
Indian Contract Act 1872
What we will learn in Contract Act
Overview of Contract
What is Contract?
5 Points to Contract
What happens when we have a contract

Types of Contract
Basis Validity: Valid & Void Contract
Basis Validity: Voidable Contract
Void Vs. Voidable Contract
Basis Validity: Illegal Contract
Void vs. Illegal Contract
Basis Validity: Unenforceable Contract
Basis Formation: Express and Implied Contract
Basis Formation: Tacit and Quasi Contract
Basis Performance: Executed & Executory Contract
Basis Performance: Unilateral & Bilateral Contract
Summary Types of Contract

What is Offer?
Express and Implied Offer
General Offer
Special and Cross Offer
Counter and Standing Offer
Essentials of Offer
Offer vs. Invitation of Offer
How Offer Lapses
What is Acceptance?
Rules of Acceptance
Communication of Offer & Acceptance
Communication Revocation of Offer & Acceptance
Summary Communication
Brief Essential Elements of a Contract