CA foundation Law Performance of Contract

The free CA Foundation Law video on Performance of Contract cover following topics:

Promise-Performance of Contract
Promisor vs. Promisee
What is Reciprocal Promise
Types of Promise
Alternate Promise - Legal & Illegal Promise
Who can Perform
Performance of Contract Overview
Who can Perform
Assignment vs. Succession
Liability of Joint Promisor
Rights of JP
Summary - Who can Perform
How to Perform
How to Perform Contract -Overview
Actual & Attempted Performance
Conditions of Attempted Performance
Refusal to Perform
Discharge of Contract
Mutual Agreement
Impossibility of Performance
Time of Performance
Time Essence of Contract
Summary Time Essence
Place of Performance
Summary on How to Perform Contract
Incidental Topics
Appropriation of Payment
Restoration of Benefit
Responsibility of Person Void Agreement