CA foundation Maths Equations

The free CA Foundation Maths video on Equations cover following topics:

Simple Equations
What is Equation
Types of Equation
Roots of Equation
How to Solve Simple Equation
Problems on Simple Equation
Word Problem 1 on Simple Equation
Word Problem 2 on Simple Equation
Simultaneous Equation (2 variables)
How to Solve 2 Variable Problems
Problem with 2 Variables
Word Problems with 2 Variables
Simultaneous Equation (3 variables)
How to Solve 3 Variable Problems
Problems on 3 Variable Problems
Quadratic Equation
What is QE
Roots of QE
Types of Number
Nature of Roots
Common Formulae
Problems on Nature of Roots
Forming Equations from roots
Problems on Roots
Solving QE
Word Problem in QE
Cubic Equation
How to Solve Cubic Equation
Problems on Cubic Equation
Equations and Coordinate Geometry
Basics of CG
Problems on Basics of CG
Intercept Form
Slope of a Line
Slope Intercept form
Point Slope Form
Equation of a line passing through two given points
Finding Slope and Y Intercept form
Slopes -Parallel & Perpendicular line
Problem on Slopes
Concurrent Line & Centroid
Problem on Centroid
Collinear Lines
Distance between 2 given points
Perpendicular distance of a point
Problem on distance
External Internal
Area of a Triangle
Graphical Solution

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