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CA foundation Maths Permutation and Combination


The free CA Foundation Maths video on Permutation and Combination cover following topics:

Basic of Permutation & Combination
Index of Permutation & Combination
What is Permutation & Combination
Permutation vs. Combination
Test of Permutation & Combination
Factorial Operation
Formulae of Permutation
Formulae of Combination
Permutation is Permutation & Combination
3 ways of doing same problem
Rule of Counting
Summary of Basics of Permutation & Combination
Equation Problem
Permutation Problem
Always together problem
Never together problem
Circular Arrangement
Circular Arrangement Always together
Circular Arrangement Never together
Exclude them
Include them
Arrangement with repetition
Number problem
Necklace Problem
Summary Permutation
Combination Formulae
Combination Problem
Concept Always Include and Exclude
Problems Always Include and Exclude
Maximum Selection
Selection with repetition
Special case n items with r possibilities
Properties Formulae
Properties Example1
Properties Example2
Uncommon Problem
Uncommon Problem1
Uncommon Problem2