CA foundation Maths Time Value of money

The free CA Foundation Maths video on Time Value of money cover following topics:

Interest Basic & Simple Interest
Why we charge Interest
Basic terms
Types of Interest
Simple Interest (SI)- Concept and Formulae
Problems on SI
Compound Interest
Compound Interest (CI)
How to use Calculator
Problems on CI 1
Problems on CI 2
Combined Problems on SI & CI
Change in Interest rate
Nominal vs. ERR
Problems on ERR
Depreciation- Concept
SLM Method
WDV Method
Problems on Depreciation
Concept of Annuity
Annuity Formulae
Features of Annuity
Amount vs. Present Value
Problems1 on Annuity
Problems2 on Annuity
Advance Annuity
Problem Advance Annuity
Deferred Annuity
Sinking Fund
Summary Annuity
Buying decisions
Mistake Problems