CMA Chapter NPO Accounts

CMA chapter on “NPO” deals with preparing accounts for Not for profit organisation, like club etc. We learn how to prepare a Receipt and Payment Account, Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet. It also explains key differences between accounts of NPO & For Profit Organisations. We have also covered accounting for special items like subscription and special funds.

CA CPT Exam  

With Sheela Warrier.Duration:2hrs 44min

NPODuration (min:sec)
NPO and it's Accounting 
What is NPO07:41
Financial Statement of NPO09:23
Receipt of Payment A/c07:46
Example - Receipt of Payment A/c08:50
What is Income & Expenditure A/c06:16
How to Prepare Income & Expenditure A/c12:53
Example - Income & Expenditure A/c13:38
Income heads for NPO12:56
Income & Expenditure vs. Receipt of Payment04:41
Balance Sheet04:07
Example BS08:30
Diff between FS NPO vs. For Profit Organisation03:41
Special Items 
Special Item - Subscription08:45
Special Item - Subscription Example06:38
Special Item - Expense04:46
Special Item - Expense Example04:41
Special Fund04:20
Example Special Fund06:10
Final Quiz15:19