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Detailed Guide of Data Analytics For Financial Professionals

What is Data Analysis?

The term Data Analysis refers to the process of transforming and designing a data structure. Therefore if you are planning to add some value-added credentials you are at the right place. Data Analytics for finance professional course will help you enhance the productivity of your career prospects.

Following are the details you need to know about Data Analysis for financial professionals -

  1. Top Tools In Data Analysis
  2. Why Become A Data Scientist?
  3. Why Is Data Analytics Important?
  4. Data Analytics Eligibility
  5. Steps To Become An Independent Data Analytics Experts
  6. Course Outline

1.Top Tools In Data Analysis

Candidates must take one step at a time to capture the whole pedagogy. Hence start from learning the tools associated with Data analytics that are as follows-

  • R Programming:
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • My SQL
  • Power BI

2. Why Become A Data Scientist?

Reasons to become a data scientist are as follows:

  • To enhance your career prospect in the financial sector
  • With the qualification, you can add credentials to your business objectivity
  • Once you are done with the qualification, you get multitudes of job opportunities. It wides your prospects for both within and outside your country. 
  • Since it is a versatile subject after you gain the qualification you can switch your domain in various sectors such as the financial sector, health-care, banking, consultancy services, and e-commerce industries.

3. Why Is Data Analytics for Finance Professionals Important?

Like said in the earlier lines, it widens your sphere of work to some significant level. Hence the qualification works great in improving your business. Well, here are some of the top reasons that will let you see through the importance of Data Analysis for Finance Professionals-

  • Hidden insights: Hidden insights from gathered data are analyzed to know which objectivity will work best for the business
  • Reports: Then the generated reports get passed on to the respective authority to design and deal with the future objectivities for better business prospects.
  • Market Analysis: Then a market analysis should be performed to have a better knowledge of the competitive market.
  • Business Requirement: Additionally, with the right set of analyzed reports you get to expand your business as per the demand of the customers.



4. Data Analytics pre-requisites

  • A strong Business Acumen
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Great Data Intuition

5. Steps To Become An Independent Data Analytics Expert in Finance Domain

Step One

Python Introduction

Step Two

Data analysis and Visualization

Step Three

The Command-line

Step Four

Working with data sciences

Step Five

Probability and statistics

Step Six

Machine learning introduction

Step Seven

Machine Learning Intermediate

Step Eight

Advanced Topics In Data Sciences



25-30 Hours



Student Support

Designated WhatsApp group along with online sessions


Approximately 1 year

Study Material 

Working files along with notes


₹ 25,000


Refunds will be initiated within 7 days of admission

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