When we start learning a new language, we are excited. We believe you should start right else in 98% of the case, eagerness to learn disappears once met with hardwork involved in learning new language.
We have tried our best to give you a quick and sound start to learning French language.

We can learn by two way:

1. By French Alphabetically
2. By French Pronunciation

The alphabets pronounced is different in french language.


Start learning French

To communicate and get started with French we have to remember the three things:

Key Verbs
Key Questions
Key Pronunciation

1. Key Verb

 French Words English Words French Pronunciation
 je suis I am
 j'ai I have
 Je sais I Know
 je dois I must
 je peux I can
 Je vais I Go
 Je viens I Come
 Je sors I Go Out,I Leave
 Je pars I Depart
 Je reste I Remain,I Stay
 Être  To Be
 Avoir To Have
 À savoir To Know
 Devoir Ought To,Must
 Pouvoir To Able,Can
 Vouloir Want To
 Aller To Go
 Venir To Come
 Sortir To Leave,Go Out
 Partir To Depart
 Rester To Remain,Stay

2. Key French Question

 French Words English Words Pronunciation Question In French Question in English
 Où Where  Où est le taxi? Where’s the taxi?
 Quelle What  Quel (quels,quelle,quelles) est le problème? What’s the problem?
 Qui Who  Qui a pris mon stylo? Who took my pen?
 Pourquoi Why  Pourquoi es-tu ici? Why are you here?
 Quand When  Quand je suis heureux, je souri When I’m happy,I smile
 Comment How  Comment allons-nous trouver des informations? How will we find informations?
 Combien How Much, How Many  Combien ça coûte? Combien coûte six plus trois? How much does it cost? How much is six plus three?

3. Alphabet

 Alphabet Pronunciation in French French Words English meaning
 A A as in “father” Avocat Avocado
 B B as in “Bay” Bébé Baby
 C C as in “Say” C as in “kite” Cerf Coco Deer Coconut
 D D as in “Day” Dodo Dodo
 E E as in “Euh” Eléphant Elephant
 F F as in “Eiffel” Fil Thread
 G G as in “Measure” Rage Rage
 H H as in “Ash” Hache Axe
 I I as in “eel” Igloo Igloo
 J J as in “leaisure” Jus Juice
 K K as in “cat” Kayak Kaya
 L L as in “tell Lapin Rabbit
 M M as in “Emma” Macaroni Macaroni
 N N as in “Enjoy” Nappe Nap
 O O as in “Goal” and als as in “Hot Orange Oignon Orange Onion
 P P as in “pay” Palais Palace
 Q Q as in “cue” Quartre Four
 R R as in “Air” Repas Meal
 S S as in “less” Sari Sari
 T T as in “Stay” Tableau Board
 U U as in “hue” Uniforme Uniform
 V V as in “veil” Vache Cow
 W W as in “Dooblvei” Wagon Wagon
 X X as in “vicks” Boxe Boxing
 Y Y as in E­grek Yoyo Yoyo
 Z Z as in “Zed” Zèbre Zebra





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