MeraSkill Logo

How we got our logo

MeraSkill (MS) Team: I have created this group so that you all can share your inputs on Android App which we are launching on Wednesday

Amit: Thank you for giving me an opportunity for becoming a part of the app launch.

MS Team: First the terminology, logo is what appears in the mobile screen..These are called App Logo.MeraSkill is an online learning platform meant for professionals.Meant with working professionals

MS Team: Eklavya School logo where I have worked, was very good


It shows a boy trying to carve himself out from a block of wood.With line.. Discover Yourself, Be your own light, Make your own path had given a brief to designer..
The logo designed by him as follows:

Bharat : The one sent looks good.But how about keeping it plain n simple

MS Team :Not sure if we should use a deign or just a name- MeraSkill

Amit : What is the Name of the app?

MS Team : MeraSkill

Amit : Contents of the App?

Bharat : "MS" keeps it simple to identify it from the cluster of apps

Amit: Based on the Name and Contents of the App, we have to decide the logo for it.

MS Team : Just at looking at App, people should identify

Amit : Then the one used currently is fine. If we want we can change the color.
Bharat : If you want it to look a bit different, we can change the basic outline to show a book or something on which MS is embossed. Colour scheme could be bright, materialistic, but shouldn't strain the eyes





Sheela : Yellow and orange are used by a lot of apps. We could avoid those. ..Like the original one

Ronak : Like amazon also it can be , Meraskill and down some photo showing education


Sheela: Could a lot hands held together be a picture with MS in the centre ? Do look up pics with hands held together. . U may understand what I am saying. Am not able to forward

MS Team : Undestood Madam. In the demo version , we had this. I think for easy identifying we will use the word MeraSkill


Sheela : It can be interpreted in many ways ...Journey together, Professionals helping professionals

MS Team : Yes we are not using that one , just shared

Sheela: Yup... better to use MeraSkill, Both a pic and meraskill cannot be included?








Hussian : I think Mera skill in yellow looks good

Shubham : Original mera skill suits

Sheela : Black background yellow logo looks good, Want to try the original colour?


Subham : Perfect

MS Team: Since the entire website is built on blue theme , gets go with blue color

MS Team : After you click on icon on your mobile , before the files load. There is a spash screen for 2-3 secs

MS Team : Tag lines come here. Right now we have this. Since the site is for working professional , do you guys suggest different tag line ? Also the font of MeraSkill


Amit: Sir, do you want to keep the title as MeraSkill or MeraSkilks? Tag line looks perfect.

MS Team: MeraSkill

Hussian: The font in Black n white does not reflect the attitude for studying. Soi f we can change font color to some suitable color will be nice

Bharat : Using MeraSkill is good, but how does it look as an icon? It's far smaller than the actual image we are looking at, i doubt the visibility

Bharat : Your idea of moulding a person is nice, why do you want to skip using this? May be we can get this a spot on the splash screen..

Bijal: Even i liked it

MS Team : How is this


Amit : Nice

Bharat : It's fine, but from next time can you get smaller images (actual size of an icon) from the developer?

Ravi : Yes, those small pics won't show on app logo

MS Team : Even I fear that, we are testing and is it is visible then we go with it. Else we drop them


MS Team: It looks extremely small

Bharat : Yes

MS Team: How is this


Bharat: It looks better

Bijal: Super

Subham : Yes this looks good

MS Team: How is this




Bijal: Try to put the image after name
MS Team:


MS Team: 1st or 2nd . Which looks better?

Bharat: 1 wd icons in d midl

Amit: Ist one looks nice with icons in the middle.

MeraSkill :When we started meraskill, one of the important things we had in mind was helping people get earning from their Skill. And each one of us has different skill set .. hence we closed on the name Mera Skill.Instead of selecting icons of what we are currently providing that is video and discussions
What is we focus on being individual, hence added DNA image. What say guys ?


Bharat: Awesome

Ronak : Super

Shubham : Awesome

Hussian: Super

Bijal : I Liked it too

Sheela: Will people get the message? Mostly commerce related courses.. An open book , and a hand holding a pen over it....... ? This was a friend's suggestion . Since we are helping people tackle exams..

MS Team : No Madam we are extending beyond commerce, we have language courses and intent to add lot of courses on IT domain also.
This is how it looks with other app


MS Team: Thank you everyone for your inputs, App is now available in Google Play store..There are still bugs to be fixed.. However it is good enough to serve the intended purpose.. Thank you