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For students :How mentors will help you?

What if  an experienced  subject expert is there to see your score, check how you learn,inspect how you comprehend ? Are you on right track to clear your exam.You can ask him doubts which you have.  Mentor will not teach you all chapters , you will do that for yourself . He is there to fill you learning gaps. While such person is impossible to get in real time, outside your immediate family circle. It’s an sincere attempt to find such person for you. Below is what you can expect from your mentor:

  1. He is a subject expert , you can go to him with your doubts.

  2. He will take your responsibility. His jobs is not to teach you subjects, but ensuring you clear the exam.

  3. Would you like someone to help you when he has spare time ( which is difficult to get these days!) , after he comes back from a busy day in office. Or you want someone who is fully thinking about you and working in trying to find area’s & means to improve you. Second one surely involves lot of time and effort on part of mentor. Hence need to compensate him financially so that he say live with dignity and perform his job well.

  4. You decide the mentorship fees with your expert. Suppose ₹ 3000 for CPT Maths. Which is over 3 months. You deposit ₹ 3000 with us. After first two sessions with expert you  finalise expert as a mentor. We release ₹ 1000 to expert, after one month we gain release ₹ 1000 to expert and after the session is over we release remaining ₹ 1000.

  5. Money paid by you is your deposit with us. In case you need refund then place a refund request and we will refund your money after deducted mentorship fees due which should go to mentor.

  6. Experts are available both for physical location and through digital medium. Skype,hangout,call, whatsapp etc.

  7. In case you need our help to find expert and mentor for you, then kindly submit below form and we will revert back to you with expert.
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