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Physical vs Online Learning

Online learning is different from Physical Classroom learning. Both have their own advantage and disadvantage (mentioned below). Hence the objective of Friday release are two :
1. Check if you can learn effectively in an online environment . That is you are an independent learner.
2. Experience our content quality before trusting us with your career.

Note – We are into Online learning , although while writing this article we have tried to be balance and fair. You may notice some bias towards online learning. Though we have tried not be do that consciously. To compensate that we have mentioned advantages of physical learning first :)

Advantage of Physical learning over Online Learning

• Comfort of Teacher available in front of you physically .If you have problem understanding a topic is there. You can ask your query then and there itself physically .

• Lot of students who join Online course end up not completing the course. Because they suffer with universal phenomena called procrastination. In a physical class since there is a fixed time when you have to attend the class and also progress in batch you have a sense of being left out if you don’t complete your syllabus. Which doesn’t happen online. In Online you need to be an independent learner, you have to plan and stick to your own schedule.

• You have a track record or proven history. You friend or your seniors would have learned by going to physical class and hence you feel if they have done it that way, then should also do it their way. However this is not true their time was different than yours. Internet was not their or was unreliable at their time. MeraSkill was also not there at their time :)

Computer literacy is required to learn in an online environment.

Advantage of Online learning over Physical learning

• You learn at your own pace at your own time, in classroom learning you learn in batch everyone learns at same pace at a predefined time. It’s said you can learn anytime anywhere it’s also true otherwise no time no where. Online learning work wonderfully for independent learner. Online learning is for self-disciplined student. As no one is going to run behind you to complete your course.

Rush to finish the course. If you are not student, well you may not be aware that there is lot of emphasis on completing the course, sometime it goes smooth and many times it is kind of rushed. If you are a student you would have noticed for yourself pace of first topic and topic which are covered in the end. However in online everything is given required time.Topic’s are covered in detail & are not rushed.

• If you go to a class , you will find physical classroom , AC, table, chair , lift, & physical teacher. You are paying for each one of them. In an online you are at your own place no frills. You pay only for content which is also shared with many students. Hence typically online learning will cost you 15% of Physical learning. Yes you save 85% of cost.

• In online mode while you cannot ask a query immediately with your teacher , however you can ask unlimited number of query without feeling embarrassed about sounding stupid . In an online as we say “ there are no stupid questions”

• For a class of 90 mins you typically waste around equivalent time in travelling to and fro and to refresh after you are back to again become productive. You save that time in a online learning , which you can invest in your hobbies or covering more in less time.

Money back guarantee. Ever since we started backing our course with money back guarantee I always have high regards to products or services who do that. Because it reflects we are so deadly sure about our product offering that we are sure customers will like that. It also keep us on toes when we are designing the product. You can’t expect that in a physical classroom. Dare not discuss this with a physical class.

• You can watch one explanation many times, requesting physical teacher to do so can be challenging. He say get offended , you are comfortable asking same question – what if teacher or other student will think about you.

To Summaries:

Advantage of Physical Learning over Online

  • Teacher available in front of you physically
  • Procrastination
  • Track record or proven history

Advantage of Online Learning over Physical Learning 

  • Your own pace
  • Rush to finish the course
  • You save 85% of cost
  • Unlimited number of query
  • Covering more in less time
  • Money back guarantee
  • One explanation many times

The objective of this article was to give you few points to consider while deciding what is best for you. We hope this helps you in taking a right informed decision.