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For Mentors: Role of a mentor


Teaching a subject that you have mastered ,is what most of you are comfortable doing. However, taking complete responsibility  of the student is a new approach. It is easier said than done. Our responsibility is to see that students get what they want and need. The job of a mentor encompasses a very broad area and his success is measured by the satisfaction of his students. However, a few basic things which a mentor is expected to do is as follows:

  1. Understand how student is learning the subjects.

  2. Go through the answer sheets and quiz scores of the student to identify learning gap.

  3. If you think the student requires a better understanding on any topic, explain the same to him in greater detail.

  4. Be available to students either through physical location or digital medium.

  5. Give continuous feedback on improvement areas .

  6. Ensure that student is doing what you expect him to do. If he does not follow your instructions, you can cancel the mentorship.

  7. The fees to be charged has to be decided with the student. It is best to understand his expectation and charge accordingly.

  8. To ensure that a student gets what he expects , the first two sessions are not chargeable. In these sessions both the student and the mentor get to know each other and decide a road map on what each of them is expected to  do.

  9. All payments will be routed through meraskill. We will collect money from students and will pass that on to you on monthly basis.

  10. We charge 10% of all payments routed through us.

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