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CPT Chapter National Income and Tax System

CA CPT Exam  

With Jaya Wahal.Duration:2hrs 00min

Infrastructure Challenges & Inflation Duration (min:sec)
Infrastructure Challenges   
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Infrastructural Challenges


Energy Index:
Sources of Electricity
Difficulties & Problems related to Energy
Recent Steps Taken


What is Inflation?
Types of Inflation
Prices trends in India
Causes of Inflation in India
Measures to check Inflation

What is Inflation:
Upward movement in Price
Decline in purchasing power


Energy -

Important in production process and consumption activities
India is major energy producer and consumer
Sixth largest energy producer
Fourth largest energy consumer
Primary Energy vs Final Energy


Most important source of commercial energy.

Generating power was 2300 MW IN 1950-51.
2,49,000 MW in 2013-14.
over a period of 63 years 100 times increase in capacity.
Major users of electricity are industry(37%), domestic(25%), agriculture(21%)& commercial establishments (10%)

Difficulties and problems relating to Energy-

Demand and supply imbalances in commercial fuels
Oil prices and Inflationary pressure
Growing oil import bills- 37% of our import bill is on POL
Transmission and distribution losses
Sick SEBs
Operational inefficiency- PLF(65% in 2013-14)
Lowest in Eastern Region(62%) Highest in Southern Region(81%) SEB (65%) Central & Pvt. (79%)
Inadequate electrification

Recent steps taken to meet the problem-
Electricity act 2003
Electricity amendment bill 2005,2007
Partnership in excellence - 26 Thermal Station (PLF-60%)
Encouraging Hydel and Wind Energy
Rationalization of tariff structure
Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme
Automatic approval for 100% foreign equity
National Power Grid(2012)-promote interregional energy Exchge
Ultra Mega Power plants (UMPPs)-9 sites with 4000 MW
Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran 2005

Railways -

Fourth Largest network in world.
Two main segments - freight and passengers.
Freight - 70% of revenues
Passengers- 30% of revenues
Route length- 65400 kms


Second largest in the world.
Network of 4.86 million kms
Around 2% of national highway carry around 40% of total road traffic.
Pradhanmantri Bharat Jodo Pariyojana
Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
Making rural roads is one of the six components of Bharat Nirman- goal to provide connectivity to habitation of 1000 people in plain and 500 in hilly and tribal areas
Rural roads network connects 65% all weather roads

Water transport-

Inland Water Transport
14500 km of navigable waterways.
Five waterways are declared national waterways.

Coastline of 7517 kms ,12 major ports, 200 minor ports.
95% of global merchandise trade is through seaways.
Kandla -Top traffic handler

Air transport-

Long distance,business travel etc.
Pvt Sector market share reached more than 82% in 2012
Airport Authority of India AAI-manages 125 airports (Infrastructure)
Domestic passenger traffic handling reached 122 million in 13-14.

Prices trends in India-
Prices remained high in recent years due to
High Food Inflation
Increased prices in global market
High international crude prices
Inflation in 2013-14
WPI - 5.98
CPI - 9.68

Causes of Inflation in India-

Increase in Public Expenditure
Deficit financing
Erratic agricultural growth
Agricultural price policy of the Government
Inadequate rise in industrial production
Upward revision of administered prices
Other factors

Measures to check Inflation-

Fiscal measures - Taken by the Govt.
(Taxation Expenditure and Public Borrowing )

Control over Investment
Other Measures

CPT Exam Exposure-Infrastructure Challenges

CPT Exam Exposure-Inflation

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