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CPT Chapter Role of different sectors

CA CPT Exam  

With Jaya Wahal.Duration:2hrs 09min

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 Role of Different Sectors in India


Role in India

Agriculture Secotor Role in India
Providing employment :
49% today , 72% Independence. absolute number
Share in national income :
14% (2013-14) , 55% Independence
Supporting industries:
Agro- based industry (textile,sugar,paper)
Availability of inputs
Dependency on Farmer’s income

Role of Industry in India
Modernising Agriculture
Providing Employment
Share in GDP
Contribution to exports
Raising incomes of people
Enhancing further the economic growth
Meeting High-income demands
Strengthening the Economy
Produce capital goods, economic infrastructural goods, better Agricultural instruments, self reliant in defence

Role of Service sector in India
Increasing share in GDP - 30 % to 60%
Providing employment -17% to 27%
Providing support to other sector
Contribution to exports 3% Growth rate of 20%

 Few MCQ questions

Which of the following type land tenure system were prevailed in India at the time independence?

(a) Zamindari System
(b) Mahalwari System
(c) Ryotwari System
(d) All of the above

The main objective of RRB [Regional Rural Bank] is to provide credit to :

(a) Weaker section of rural areas
(b) Weaker sections
(c) Industrial areas
(d) Agricultural sector

______ is the apex bank for agriculture credit in India :

(a) RBI

After Independence in order to stop exploitation of actual tillers of the land reforms was introduced for which_____ measures were undertaken?
(a) Abolition of intermediaries
(b) Tenancy Reforms
(c) Reorganisation of agriculture
(d) All of these

_______ provide food storage facility in India.

(a) IDBI
(b) FCI
(d) IFCI

AGMARK is related to :

(a) Industrial Production
(b) Service Sector
(c) Agricultural production
(d) Egg Production

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