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CS Foundation Exam

CS Foundation Exam is conducted by ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). Exams are held twice in a year, in the month of June and Dec.


English & Business Communication
Economics & Statistics
Financial Accounting
Business Law & Management

Section Sl No Chapter
Business Environment 1 Business Environment
2 Forms of Business Organisation
3 Scale of Business
4 Emerging Trends in Business
5 Business Functions
Law 1 Introduction to Law
2 Elements of Company Law
3 Elements of Law related to Partnership
4 Law Related to Contract
5 Law Related to Sales of Goods
6 Law Related to Negotiable Instrument
Enterprenurship 1 Enterprenurship
2 Enterprenurship- Creativity & Innovation
3 Growth & Challenges of Enterprenurship Venture
Section Sl No Chapter
Business Management 1 Nature of Management & it's Process
2 Planning
3 Organisation
4 Human Resource Management
5 Direction & Coordination
6 Controlling
7 Recent Trends in Management
Ethics 1 Business Ethics
Business Communication 1 Business Communication
2 Essentials of Good English
3 Business Coorspondence
4 Administration
5 Inter-Departmental Communication
6 Preperation of Press Release
7 E Corrspondence
Section Sl No Chapter
Economics 1 Nature & Scope of Economics
2 Theory of Demand & Supply
3 Theory of Product Cost & Revenue
4 Form of Market & Equilibrium
5 Money & Banking
6 Basic Feature of Indian Economy
7 Selected Area of Indian Economics
Law 1 Statistics Overview
2 Collection & Presentation of Statistics
3 Measures of Central Tendency
4 Maths Finance
5 Probability
6 Index Numbers
Section Sl No Chapter
Accountancy 1 Theoritical Framework
2 Journal to Cash Book
3 Contingent Assets to ROE
5 Depreciation
6 Final Account
7 Partnership1
8 Partnership2
9 Co- Issue of Shares & Debenture, Issue & Forfeiture of Share
10  Redemption of Pref Share
Auditing 1 Auditing
2 Audit & Auditors Report

Exam Format : 

MCQ Format, Computer based test.
Four Paper each for one subject of 50 Questions each.Each question of 2 marks.
To clear the exam Student has to score Minimum 40% marks in each subject and 50% in aggregate.
There are no negative marks.

Computer Based Test

CS Foundation Exam is conducted only through Computer thus replacing Paper & Pencil altogether.
Computer Interface is easy to navigate with each question having 4 options. Students are expected to select the correct option.
Student can answer the question in any order he/she likes to attempt.In case student don't want to answer the question he can select next and move to next question.He can latter on attempt this question if he wants. 
Student can also change the answer if he wants before he submits the test by clicking Finish button or conclusion of the exam. 
Student can also bookmark a question for review latter on. 
Computer Interface is easy user friendly and easy to navigate.Students who know how to use a mouse can smoothly manage the test.However an IT person will be there in the center in case students require any help.


Students who have cleared Class12 Examination from any stream and board which is recognized by Central Govt.
Provisional admission is also available for students who have appeared for Class12 Exam. In case of Provisional admission proof of passing the examination should be produced within 6 months of making the application.

Where are Exam's Conducted

Exams are conducted across India in all cities and abroad where Institutes exams are conducted. Specific Location will be mentioned in the Admit card.

How to Apply for examination

Students can apply online through Institute's website

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