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Thank you, we are excited about French language. 

Download Files- To Practice

French Pronunciation with Hindi Alphabet- Audio 15MB
French Greetings- Audio 3MB
Daily Formal Conversation- Audio 6MB
Business Conversation- Audio 4MB
Phonetics sounds- Audio 5MB
French Rhymes- Audio 3MB
French Starter 1st Step (Video + PDF + Audio) 53MB

All Files 89MB


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How to learn French Fast

French Course Page

How you will learn French from us

The First Step - Your existing level?
Fix Schedule 
Interaction Focus
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Requirement - Internet + Mobile or Laptop or Desktop
Happy Learning

Question Session
What are the opportunities after learning French
How frequently French Exams are held?
Do French MNC prefer French Speaking Language
French Exam Fees
How French language can benefit students
Job Opportunities in KPO and BPO
Opportunities for IT Professionals
Help in Import Export
Do we need lot of reading to learn this language
Whether we conduct test to asses understanding 
How close French is to English. English vs. French
What material will we provide 
What is required to start the course
How French speaking course will work
French companies in India 
Translation related opportunities 
Tourism sector
French Teaching opportunities 
French Levels