US CMA New Syllabus 2020 Changes

The US CMA exam syllabus has changed, and The IMA has declared the US CMA 2020 exam changes. To enable you to realize what's in store and decide when you should take the test, I've clarified every one of the subtleties. Master all that you have to think about the US CMA exam changes now.

What has changed in US CMA 2020 syllabus?

The IMA has brought the new titles and content for both the parts of the US CMA examination.

Technology is the new keyword for Part 1. The IMA clarifies that technology is changing the profession, so US CMAs must be prepared to utilize it. Hence, this test part will get another title and another content section to extend its inclusion of technology and analytics.

The IMA needs Part 2 to guarantee that accounting and money related experts have what it takes they have to settle on moral and key choices in the computerized world. Therefore, the IMA is extending the Professional Ethics and Decision Analysis areas of Part 2.

US CMA New 2020 Syllabus

US CMA Part 1 2020 Syllabus Change:

New Syllabus Old Syllabus 
 Technology and Analytics, Integrated Reporting Internal Auditing

US CMA Part 2 2020 Syllabus Change: 

New Syllabus Old Syllabus 
Business Ethics, Sustainability and Social ResponsibilityOff-Balance Sheet Financing, Bankruptcy, Tax Implications of Transfer Pricing


Reasons for changes in Syllabus

  1. Changes to the CMA test are a consequence of a thorough activity investigation study directed by the IMA. The CMA test content was changed in accordance with assistance experts and considering all the innovative progressions being coordinated into pretty much every efficient Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and significantly more.
  2. The refreshed test structure targets preparing accounting and money experts with the best possible information, abilities, and skills that are important for the present practice. As indicated by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), CMAs should be "future-prepared", and these progressions will help get them there.

New topics explanation

Part 1: Technology and Analytics

  • Information Systems
  • Data Governance
  • Technology-enabled finance transformation
  • Data analytics

Technology is changing the profession, and we need our CMAs to be readied. Section 1 of the CMA test will remember another area for Technology and Analytics.
To account for this new expansion, different areas were decreased in size to oblige this.

Part 2: Professional ethics

  • Business ethics

Professional Ethics will increment in inclusion in light of the expansion of new substance. This space will presently test applicants on new LOSs including mindless compliance, assorted variety of thought, moral initiative and characteristics of moral pioneers.

US CMA New Syllabus Percentage Chart

US CMA Part 1 - Old vs New Syllabus 2020

 Content AreasPrevious percentage  New percentage
 External Financial Reporting Decisions 15% 15%
 Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 30% 20%
 Performance Management 20% 20%
 Cost Management 20% 15%
 Internal Controls 15% 15%
 Technology and Analytics - 15%


In the above table, we came to see that there is a change of 5 to 10% in Planning Budgeting and Forecasting and Cost Management with the addition of new content areas. Rest of the content have remained unchanged. The new Section, which is Technology and Analytics comes with 15% of the total weightage.

US CMA Part 2 - Old vs New Syllabus 2020

 Content AreasPrevious percentage  New percentage
Financial Statement Analysis 25% 20%
Corporate Finance 20% 20%
Decision Analysis 20% 25%
Risk Management 10% 10%
Investment Decisions 15% 10%
Professional Ethics 10% 15%


In the above table, we came to see that there is a change of 5% only in Financial Statement Analysis, Decision Analysis, Investment decisions and Professional Ethics with addition of new content areas. Rest have all remained unchanged.


US CMA 2020 Part 1 New Content Index -Technology and Analytics

Sr NoParticularsTime (hrs:min:secs)
FSection F: Technology and Analytics9:01:41
1Information System 2:05:28
2Accounting Information System16:43
3AIS in Value Chain7:51
4AIS Cycle5:41
5Revenue Cycle4:05
6Expenditure and Production Cycle4:29
7Other Business Cycle6:29
9Challenges of Financial and Non Financial System5:40
10Enterprise Resource Planning12:26
11Database Management System24:27:00
13Enterprise Performance Management6:21
14Final Quiz10:04
2Data Governance 2:01:28
2COBIT by ISACA20:58
3Data Governance10:26
5Stages of Data Life Cycle10:26
6Record Retention Policy9:37
8Cyber Attacks12:01
9Controls for Cyber Attack22:24
10Final Quiz7:45
3Finance Transformation0:55:23
2System Development life Cycle4:54
3Business Process Analysis11:00
4Robotic Process Automation11:24
5Artificial Intelligence14:52
6Cloud Computing21:10
7IaaS,PaaS & SaaS6:15
10Smart Contracts5:02
11Final Quiz8:28
4Data Analytics 2:59:22
2Big Data9:20
3Attributes of Big Data7:13
4Relevance of Data14:26
5Data - a strategic asset11:07
7Progression - from data to wisdom6:45
8Advantages and Challenges of Data Analytics7:14
9Business Intelligence10:40
10Data Mining9:53
11Process of Data Mining10:41
12Challenges of Data Mining6:47
13Structured Query Language(SQL)6:25
15Analytical tools11:08
16Approaches to Understand Risk15:03
18Final Quiz8:08

US CMA 2020 Part 2 New Content Index - Professional Ethics  

Sr NoParticularsTime (hrs:min:secs)
 Business Ethics0:42:13
2Virtue vs Morality6:7
3Moral Philosophies12:35
4Factors Impacting Ethical Decision Making7:53


We have discussed about 2020 exams and the changes which have taken in complete details above.
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