US CMA Course Fees

The Certified Management accounting is the degree granted by IMA, US. Following details are what you need to know about US CMA course:

1. US CMA Course and Material fees
2. US CMA Course fees in Indian Rupees
3. US CMA fees validity
4. When to Register with IMA and pay exam fees?
5. Total cost of US CMA Course

CMA USA Course Fees In Indian Rupees

There are a total of 2 fees involved in the US CMA Course.

1. Fees payable for coaching and materials
2. Fees payable to the IMA institute for exam and registration.

CMA US Course fees

US CMA course fees ( Videos + Whatsapp Support + Exam registration Support + Question bank + Mock Test )
US CMA Part 1 - 15,000 INR
US CMA Part 2 - 15,000 INR
Both Parts - 25,000 INR

US CMA IMA Registration fees

US CMA Exam Fees Part 1  28000 INR (415 USD) 
 US CMA Exam Fees Part 2  28000 INR (415 USD)
 Entrance Fees   18000 INR (250 USD)
 Membership Fees   18000 INR (250 USD)

Note - IMA runs promotions from time to time and your IMA Fees can be reduced by 50%.

CMA USA Course Fees

CMA US Course fees Validity

CMA US Membership fees

Membership fees is valid for 1 year

CMA US Entrance fees

Entrance fees are valid for 3 years

CMA US Exam fees

Exam fees are for one attempt. If you don't clear the exam in 1st attempt you need to pay exam fees again.

Step by step process of CMA US Fees

The first step to the process for CMA US is to join coaching and prepare for the exams. Once it's done then register 3 months before the exam window which you want to write. Below is the step by step process.

  1. Join coaching for part 1 and complete the preparations. (Coaching fees)
  2. Register for the part 1 exam and write the exam. (IMA Membership and exam fees)
  3. Join coaching for part 2 and complete the preparations. (Coaching fees)
  4. Register for the part 2 exam and write the exam (exam fees)

We have discussed the entire US CMA course fees above, if you have any query, you can fill up the form.


If you have any questions related to US CMA or its eligibility, fill the form and we will help you with all the process.

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