Why people fail in US CMA Exam

Despite having a lot of experience,some people are unable to clear the US CMA exam.
Ever thought why?

The three most common reasons why people fail in US CMA Exam are: 

1.Less time-As most people giving this exam are working professionals,they are not able to devote the required time to study.Time is an important factor.

2.Penny wise,pound foolish-A lot of professionals don’t invest in study materials, lectures, videos, books, question bank, mock test etc. They don’t realise that one extra exam attempt will cost them approx 25-30k as exam fee. Hence it is wise to invest in study material which will ensure you pass the exam.

Why people fail in US CMA Exam

3.Weak fundamentals-A lot of people do not have a strong financial acumen which is a must for this course. Hence due to a weak foundation ,they are unable to grasp advance concepts despite having required experience.

If you can take care of above, this should help you pass US CMA exam in first attempt.

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