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US CMA online classes are available in two modes- Recorded & Live classes. After going through this article you will have complete clarity on what to expect from each one of them & what elements have proven to be effective while preparing for the online CMA USA exam.

Effective elements for US CMA online preparation

What you will get with online CMA US Course

Mode for US CMA online course

 By now you would have gone through the US CMA course details, checked exam eligibility criteria  and gone through how to select the best US CMA institute. If you are thinking of an online course, then this page helps you understand how to make online learning effective. 

Effective element for CMA USA online studies

Plan your exam term

When you should plan to write your exam? deciding on your exam terms. This will depend on how much time you can devote to your studies. It is expected you can devote 5 to 8 hrs a week.

  1. Part 1 you would need 4.5 months @ 8 hrs per week - It would take an average of 140 hrs if preparing with MeraSkill. Then it would take 18 weeks i.e. 4.5 months (140hrs /8 hrs per week) to complete the course.
  2. Part 2 you would need 4.5 months @ 5 hrs per week - It would take an average of 90 hrs if studying with MeraSkill. Then it would take 18 weeks i.e. 4.5 months (90hrs /5 hrs per week) to complete the course. 

Why Plan?

Plan your exam date & draw up your schedule. Why schedule is imperative. Not if you are living in isolation & have nothing else to do, just study. But that seldom happens, our life is full of surprises. Work schedule becomes erratic, Cricket matches, New Movies, Series on OTT platforms, Social Media, Sizzling news stories you can’t resist, to name a few. The list can be too long to mention here. If you have planned your studies, it has the benefit of keeping a check on your progress and will act as a compass to guide your time in a planned way. Even if you digress from your schedule your planner will help bring the deviation to your notice immediately, so that you can take corrective action. 

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Draw your planning commitment sheet

Below is an example of how your planning commitment sheet would look like.
US CMA Online Preparation

It has topics listed along with exam weightage & course duration. You start as follows:

  1. Your exam date
  2. Revision Time - keep 15 days
  3. End Date - You will have to complete all your topics by this date.
  4. Plot start date & end date basis your time scheduling.
  5. Status - Update the status as you progress

We have a collection of good resources for US CMA exam which you can download for free.

Plan for uncertainty

We have encountered cases where unplanned work priorities come in during the study period - someone leaving the organization & you had to double hat the roles, some new software being implemented in the organization which consumes a lot of your time. Hence, while planning try to push maximum time at the beginning of the preparation & keep fewer hours towards the end of the planned period.

Study Material for Online US CMA Exam

Which study material to follow?
US CMA Study materials include -books, question banks, and video courses provided by renowned publishers. Also, all publishers are equally good. One should strictly follow only one study material. Never compare one material with another. Compassion leads to confusion. Just follow the publisher whose study material you are following. Never study with two materials. For example, those who are preparing with MeraSkill are strictly told to study with only our video, workbook and question bank which we provide. This would comprise 99% of your studies. We have covered all topics & with the right depth required for the exam. In case while going through the course you feel you need to explore further reading you can refer to search engines or refer to other material which you might have. However, for all-purpose, you would need only one material. Remember it’s not the quantity of study but quality with the right quantity is what you need.

Before you decide on the course provider ensure the study material is updated with new US CMA syllabus.

US CMA Online Books

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Start with the Video course

Video courses are arranged sequentially. It moves from basic to advanced level gradually, topic by topic. Each topic starts with an index & then we move to topic explanation followed by a series of quizzes of that topic & in the end we summarize the index.

Learning is not spectator sports

Imagine you are trying to teach someone how to ride a bicycle. There are two parts to the process - One understanding the process of riding a bicycle & the second your body experiencing the ride.

Just by watching the process, you will not learn how to ride a bicycle. Your body will have to practice riding a bicycle.

Similarly, when you are watching a video, You will have to use our workbook. Underline the important points, as you watch the video course. By the end of the online CMA, the US course will get converted into your workbook in your writing. Just before the exam go through the workbook & your revision is done.

How to solve question

We have covered more than 1800 questions in the video course. Covering diverse questions. When you are into a question segment of the video. Don’t just watch the question but pause the video and try to solve it yourself. If you are just watching the solution, you will get a false understanding that you have understood the question. If the same question appears in the exam, your fingers will not move, either you will take a lot more time to complete the question or you will not be able to solve the question.

Hence, read the question and solve it yourself. Watch the solution to cross-verify your answer. Ensure you are aware about the question and answer pattern for US CMA Exam.

Question bank

After you have completed the topic. i.e. gone through the video course, scribbled in your workbook, solved the questions which we have covered in the video. Now is the time to test your understanding by going through the Question bank.

Solving questions bank reflects your understanding of the topic. If you can solve most of the questions that show your understanding is good & you are ready to move to the next topic. When attempting questions, make sure you are timing your questions.

Ask your doubts

As you go through the online us cma course. You would need support where you can ask difficult questions. WhatsApp exam group servers that purpose. This group becomes a fertile ground for tricky questions. So, if you are in the groups and when some are posting their difficult questions, see if you can resolve them. If you can resolve difficult questions it gives you confidence in your preparation.

What do you get with Online Course

  1. Unlimited access to the recorded video course
  2. Workbook - Video content in document format. (pdf / paperback)
  3. Support through WhatsApp group ( For each exam term we have a group)
  4. One to One personal session once you enrol.
  5. Planning Tool - Help you plan your studies & stay organised.
  6. Access to the Question bank 

Mode for US CMA Online Course

Online US CMA course are available in two format - recorded & live. 

Recorded US CMA Online Classes

Recorded courses are video recorded with course content. These are self paces learning.


  • Cost-benefit - Since these courses are available in recorded format. These are available at a reasonable cost.
  • Own time - You can study at your convenient time. You are not bound by others schedules.


  • Discipline - If you are working professionally. Then you need to take care of ensuring you are disciplined where you are spending time. You need to guard your time & see you are honouring the commitment plan which you have made at the beginning of the course.


If you are a self-disciplined person - Online pre-recorded courses are the best value for money.

Live US CMA Online Classes

Live classes are Expert driven. All your queries are raised, solved in that 2 hrs class. All the sessions are recorded so you have the advantages of recorded & live.


  • High interaction - Live classes are high on interaction. You come for 2 hrs and the rest happens automatically. Learning, Questioning, Doubt Solving, Quiz, Revision all happen in that two-hour class.
  • Pressure to Catch up- You are learning in a group. If you don’t do the assignments then you run a risk of falling behind. This builds pressure on you to catch up
  • Start anytime - You have recordings of the class available. So you start with the recorded course & when the live batch starts you join the live batch.


If you consider interaction as an important ingredient in your learning then live classes are what you should consider.

If you have any questions related to US CMA or its eligibility, fill the form and we will help you with all the process.

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