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Updated 2022 Awesome guide to US CMA Study Material

US CMA is a course conducted by IMA. In today’s time, Financial professional has to perform varied tasks in their workplace.
To ensure today’s professionals are fully prepared to perform these financial tasks. IMA has designed the US CMA course curriculum which is called as (LOS) Learning Outcome Statement. Below are the outlines created as Study Material to give you an overview of the syllabus & questions pattern in the IMA exam.

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USA CMA Study Material: Learning Outcome Statement (LOS)?

Learning Outcome Statement (LOS) is a course outline which is released by IMA.
All the questions that come in the examination, comes from the chapters which are mentioned in Learning Outcome Statement. Learning Outcome Statement gets updated when IMA feels there is a need to change anything (syllabus, question pattern, etc.). LOS as per IMA.

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US CMA Study Material

Meraskill’s US CMA Study Material

Meraskill video course denotes the Learning Outcome Statement. We have framed and designed our video course following the Learning Outcome Statement that is released by IMA.  We provide below study resources for your exam preparation

  1. Online Pre-recorded video course
  2. Access till you pass
  3. Unlimited video viewing
  4. Android App
  5. 160 hrs of the video course
  6. Whatsapp Group for Queries
  7. Workbook
  8. Question Bank, Mock Tests
1. US CMA video course

Our course is online pre-recorded course made especially for working professionals to study at their convenient time and at their convenient pace.

2. Access till you pass

Once you have signed in to our course, you will have its access until you pass your US CMA examination. You will not have the tension of getting removed if you fail to qualify in your first chance.

3. Unlimited video viewing

Once you have got access to our videos, you can watch it endlessly. You can access and watch any video any number of times.

4. Android App

We have an android application as well. If you are travelling or you want to save any video offline, you can watch the video later on as per your convenience.

5. 160 hrs of duration

The total duration of the video course is 160 hours which includes both part 1 and part 2 content for US CMA.
You can check you the Syllabus and Course Index on the bottom of this page.

6. WhatsApp Group for Queries

While going through the course or while taking the subject-wise mock test, you will have tons of questions. Ask the questions and resolve them with US CMA WhatsApp group. You also learn from other learners queries, mistakes, observation, and the group adds immense value to learners. It keeps you engaged and helps you complete the course.

7. US CMA Book

Do you find it hard to revise just before exams? PDF workbook will make it extremely easy for you as you can personalise it with your notes. Learning is not a spectator sport. You can retain and learn much better when you are actively involved with the content which the workbook enables you to do so.
Download free sample pdf book on the bottom of this page.

8. Hock International Study Materials

We are partner to Hock international for Study materials which include MCQ’s and Mock tests. You can download a sample from the bottom of this page.

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How we make your US CMA Exam preparations easy?

We have a guide on selecting best classes for your exam. If you are planning to study of your own, then do read how to self study for US CMA exam. Do check out  our guide on  preparing Online US CMA exam.

I. Zero Based Approach

Our online US CMA course pursues a "zero-based approach".
It begins with essential ideas and consequently expands on higher points. That way you need not refer to your old books. This is done on the grounds that students who take US CMA test are taking up test after quite a while. The zero-based approach is our quality, and I am certain you will discover this immensely fruitful. We attempted to make it straightforward enough for even somebody who isn't for the accounting background can get the essentials and track.

II. Resolve Queries

During the course any doubts or any queries, we have a WhatsApp group where you can clarify. You can ask as many questions and any type of questions. 

US CMA Study Plan with Our Study Materials

Why People fail in US CMA

The global pass rate is approx 42%. In our experience below are the reasons why people fail

  1. Less time - This course requires time. If the candidates do not have enough time they fail to give much time for this course. Minimum time required to complete a single part of US CMA is 180 hours as we have seen for the professionals.
  2. Pennywise, pound foolish - A lot of professionals don’t invest in study materials but end up paying a lot for the main exam. Hence it is wiser to invest in materials and then pass.
  3. Weak fundamentals -A lot of professionals lack the strong financial acumen needed for this course. As their foundation is weak, they are unable to clear the exams.

The three necessary steps which you need to follow -

  • Going through the video course
  • Understanding concepts
  • Solving question bank

We have discussed the entire US CMA study material above, if you have any query, you can fill up the form.

If you have any questions related to US CMA or its eligibility, fill the form and we will help you with all the process.

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