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Selecting Best CMA USA coaching institute

Which is the best US CMA coaching institute?  If you have decided to prepare for the exam, and are keen to understand the best institute and ideal way of studying this writeup is for you. But if you have still not decided on your preparation do check out your eligibility and syllabus.

Several factors will play a key role in your selection - but few important ones are as below

  • Quality of study material
  • Time 
  • Money
  • Practicing questions & answer

Ensure that when you are preparing for the US CMA exam your study material is updated with new syllabus changes.  Though the fee may vary, do go through our guide on US CMA fees in Indian Rupees  which gives you an estimation of the cost & fee structure. You should also be well versed with cma question and answer patterns & should plan to solve approx. 1000 questions per part. 

There are four modes of preparing for the exam.  Let's understand each option with four individuals Rohit, Sumit, Amit and Raghav.

  1. Self-study - Rohit
  2. Physical classes - Sumit
  3. Online live classes - Amit
  4. Recorded classes - Raghav

Let us look into each one and understand the pros and cons of each option.

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US CMA Exam Self-study

With the level of content available online, if you have unlimited time then self-study can be one way to start. We have a good guide on how to pass US CMA exam by self study.  This method is advised for someone who knows the accounting concepts covered in the course & has a lot of spare time to invest.

Who is Rohit?

  • He is a undergraduate
  • Not sure if US CMA is the right course for him
  • Doesn't want to commit to the exam
  • Try out & see what is in the course

So if you have ample amount of time and want to save money like Rohit, Self study is one of the options for you. This method often runs the risk of not completing the course. The exam fee is expensive, one failed attempt will cost you. Hence, sparingly one adopts this route. You don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish. Check our guide on why you might fail in US CMA Exam.


  • Familiar with accounting fundamentals 
  • Have a lot of spare time to invest
  • No monetary investments 
  • High dropout risk
  • Ideal for someone who is unsure about committing to the course. 

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US CMA Physical class

Physical classes are suited for those who prefer face to face learning. Mostly popular among college students who are used to classroom learning. If you are a student who is still not sure about many aspects of finance then physical trainer in front can be a big relief. Many professionals also prefer physical classes over online learning. Though it adds a lot of time pressure to their busy schedule. 

Who is Sumit?

Sumit is a graduate/undergraduate and not working. He is sure about getting US CMA qualification. Can complete assignments & follow the pace of the class. Physical classes are advisable if you are disciplined with your studies. If you don’t have time you may fall behind the batch.


  • Need help in advance concepts
  • Generally preferred by undergraduate
  • Benefits - study in a batch
  • High course completion rate 
  • Ideal for undergraduates

US CMA Online live class

Online live class have all the points for Physical classes but is also a popular choice among working professionals. Many professionals also prefer live class because of  interaction & personalization. These classes are also recorded and available for later viewing. So, it has advantages of both physical & recorded classes. However, sometimes working professionals due to tight work schedules are unable to complete their assignments & get left out. At times you feel things are being rushed and you have little time to catch up.   

Who is Amit?

Amit is a working professional determined to get US CMA qualification. Can complete assignments & follow the pace of the class with no time constraint. Online classes are advisable if you are disciplined with your studies. If you don’t have time, you run the risk of being left out of the batch.


  • Can follow class schedule & complete assignment on time.
  • Popular among students & working professionals.
  • Benefits - study in a batch
  • High course completion rate 
  • Ideal for students & working professionals who can follow the batch schedule.  

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US CMA Online Recorded classes

This is often the most popular choice among students & working professionals alike.  Recorded classes offer flexibility and are quite affordable. However, these classes are useful if you are a disciplined learner. Planning goes a long way in completing recorded courses which often sees a low completion rate. Anytime anywhere also means no time nowhere.

Who is Raghav?

He is a student or working professional  and has a time constraint. He knows this qualification will help him in his career growth. Recorded classes offers lot of flexibility, you learn at your pace. It is also light on your budget.


  • Requires Self-discipline. You are responsible for your learning. No one is there to push you.
  • Popular among students & working professionals.
  • Benefits - affordable & flexibility
  • Low course completion rate 
  • Ideal for students & working professionals who are disciplined learners.

Now that you have seen Rohit, Sumit, Amit and Raghav. You can relate to them and pick your best option for CMA preparation. 

If you belong to the Amit or Raghav category i.e. online live and recorded classes then we are here to help you. Do go through our page on free download on US CMA Exam to download resources for the exam.

Meraskill Online US CMA coaching institute

  1. Online live & recorded course
  2. Access till you pass
  3. Unlimited video viewing
  4. Android App
  5. 160 hrs of the video course
  6. Whatsapp Group for Queries
  7. Question Bank, Exam sessions
  8. Exam registration Support

We have discussed the entire thing about which is the best US CMA coaching for you. If you have any queries, you can fill-up the form or click on the below WhatsApp button to chat.

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